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Hemorrhoids Treatment for Babies – Understanding the Difference

Hemorrhoids in babies are not very common. Even if it occurs, it is very rare at this particular stage. However, children do get hemorrhoids, and it has turned out to be a major problem in the Unites States. People are now looking for some effective hemorrhoids treatment for babies.

It is true that hemorrhoids can develop at any age, but the causes of hemorrhoids are mostly dependent on the type of foods we eat, our body weight and other such relevant factors. So, what could be the probable cause of hemorrhoids in babies?

The Causes of Hemorrhoids in Babies

Hemorrhoids in babies are caused due to excessive coughing or straining. Here staining refers to the uncontrollable crying of a baby. When a baby cries for long, the muscles tend to strain, and this could be a cause of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are also known to pass on to the baby from the mother during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids in pregnancy are very common and it affects the baby in some cases as well.

In some rare cases however, constipation occurring from formula milk can be a cause of the condition.

The Symptoms

We know that hemorrhoids are very painful and it is the same for babies. If you notice that your baby is crying out loud during the bowels or is unwilling to sit on the pot, you need to observe the anal parts to find any swelling or inflammation. If it is an external hemorrhoid, you can see it with naked eye. However, if it is an internal hemorrhoid, your baby would need medical guidance.

The common symptoms include blood in stools, nappies and in wipes. As babies fail to express themselves, only a close observation can help you understand if there is any problem. Blood in stools is quite a late stage; it means the bay has already developed hemorrhoids.

What are the Hemorrhoids Treatments for Babies?

Well, there is a vast difference between the hemorrhoids treatments for adults and babies. For adults, there are many topical creams, ointments, suppositories and surgeries, but for babies, only diet modifications and some stool softeners can be given.

Before you start with a treatment, see a pediatrician to determine whether or not your baby is suffering from hemorrhoids. If the doctor confirms, he/she would given you some topical agents for healing the condition. These are different from what we adults normally use.

Next, you’ll have to follow certain things to prevent the pain and discomfort that your baby would be experiencing due to this nagging condition. Follow these suggestions:

  • Give your bay a health and nutritional diet. This is extremely essential to prevent constipation and treat hemorrhoids. You’ll have to attend your child and take care of his/her food habits.
  • Include fiber in your baby’s diet in the form of vegetable sand fruits. Give the baby some fruit juice or vegetable stew to do the needful. This would allow the intestine to function properly. Cereals and grains can also be beneficial.
  • The baby needs adequate fluids and especially water. Give water to the baby as ad when required to prevent dehydration.
  • Milk can sometimes cause constipation. So, you need to be careful. Try reducing milk feeds.
  • You should NEVER GIVE SITZ BATHS to babies. Remember this.
  • Give the necessary medicines as prescribed by your pediatrician.


You need to know that hemorrhoid is common in male babies than in females. If you have a male child you need to be more careful.





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